"You raised the bar in every scene you were in and provided plenty of much-welcomed laughs when the cameras were and weren't rolling. With the amount we had to shoot in the little time we had, it was a relief working with a talented professional who is clearly passionate about her craft. Also, thank you for graciously enduring the worst part of an actor's job on set ... waiting."

"Opera singers have been boring, and even slightly annoying to me. When I listen to you, I can hear the feelings of someone who is almost desperate, but not in a bad way. There's an urgency in your voice, a sense of tragedy. It's very powerful."


"Your voice is so huge and rich, that it literally filled my body. It's so satisfying to listen to. I can hear the story in your voice, like it's its own emotion; you have the Meryl Streep of opera voices."


Hi! My web designer has been after me for months to write a bio, and since I was completely stumped, I decided to ask my best friend how she would describe me. Her response? “Gorgeous, giddy, whimsical, witty, flirty and farty”.  I’d say that pretty much sums me up.


I was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, was raised in Vienna, Virginia, and I moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2010.  I worked myself to the bone at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, studying theatre, musical theatre, opera, film, and fine art. I have continued to perfect my acting craft in the Advanced Scene Study class at Beverly Hills Playhouse, and my natural opera singing talents with Joanne C. Zajac of Zajac Studios.


When I am not acting or singing, you’ll find me adding to my portfolio of oil paintings, writing my own material, or pumping iron in the gym. Clearly, I haven’t slowed down one bit since college. I’m willing to bet that I’m one of the hardest-working persons you’ll ever meet! In the words of the late Steve Jobs, I strive to always, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”


I am represented Commercially by Avalon Artists Group, and I am managed by Brandon Cohen of BAC Talent.